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Healthy is not a specific size, shape or weight. Healthy is a lifestyle, a way of living every day.

– Matt Lowe co-founder, FitViewTV

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on the go tracking

With our easy-to-use membership platform, you can view meal plans, coordinate grocery lists and track calories burned no matter where you are. Keeping up with your progress has never been simpler.

From your computer or smartphone, log the foods you eat each day and your exercise activities. Our program keeps track of all your calories consumed, calories burned and more, so you can stay on top of the hard work you’re doing to become an even better you!

meal plans

Choose from our extensive library of over 750 registered dietitian designed meal plans, including Low Carb, Detox, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, and many more! Custom grocery lists are automatically populated for each meal plan and update when you make changes to your foods.

Meal types for every concern

We have special meal types based on food preferences (Asian, Kosher, etc.), health concerns (maternity, cancer, allergies), goals (performance training, weight loss, energy booster) and much more.


View your workouts from our library of personal trainer designed workout programs with exercise demonstration videos to learn the proper from for each exercise. Track sets, reps, weight, and rest intervals for every workout as well as your progress as you hit your goals.

Track and view your stats

and understand how your body is improving throughout this process. Send your progress photos and messages directly to your coach. Have a comment about a single exercise or workout, just add the message to your workout and your coach will see it and respond.



  • Private Mobile App for members only!
  • 4 week Exercise Schedule based on specific goal and program selected with your coach
  • 4 Week Meal Plan specific to program and individual user body metrics (age, height, weight, goal, time frame, etc.)
  • Food exchange list with substitute foods to eat within guidelines
  • 30+ Minutes per month of direct video and/or voice messages depending on membership level
  • Exercise demonstration videos.
  • Members only forum and FAQ boards 
  • Private Facebook members’ only group
  • Vitamin and Supplement recommendations
  • Weekly Coaches call for members only (all calls are recorded for future replay)
  • A phenomenal team of dedicated, experienced coaches committed to helping you achieve your goals and live a healthier life.

A program that lets you decide how fast or how slow you want results. A program that is personalized to your body, weight, goals and your lifestyle. No more cookie cutter one-size-fits-all program. FitViewTV brings you a program with proven results.

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Yes, your membership level will determine how much time you get each month one-on-one or in a group forum setting with your coach. You also have access within our groups on Facebook and we also send out monthly updates to our members.

You gain access to not just your trainer, but the whole team of coaches at FitViewTV. Become a part of the most exclusive groups and family of members and coaches. All programs are month to month and can be canceled at any time. To see true lasting results, living healthy must become a lifestyle you life day in and day out. You can’t look for a short term quick fix to a long term issue

Great! MyFitnessPal integrates with our platform and app to sync and share your account tracking with your coach for better adjustments to your personalized programs. Understanding what to adjust at what times is half the battle with understanding the healthy lifestyle.

Yes, We have over 1,000 exercise videos and we film new ones on a regular basis. You can always send a request to your coach for specific videos as well.

Every 90 days you are allowed to re-evaluate your coach and client relationship. You can make necessary adjustment every 90 days so don’t feel stuck. Letting your coach know how you are doing and how you like the program is vital to reaching your success!

Because we are a month to month membership and you receive a custom program we do not offer refunds. In rare and extreme cases we will refund if we cannot find a suitable coach for you.

We hand select our coaches through various assessments and interviews before being accepted. Our coaches are the best in the industry and range from University Strength and Conditioning Coaches, International fitness personalities, top certified personal trainers, nutritionist, Registered Dietitians, and personal development and career business coaches…

Yes, in fact we do have an amazing affiliate program through an application only process. If you are passionate about spreading the news about great health and fitness then maybe this is right for you. Send us an inquiry from the affiliate link in the footer of this page

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We are international, successful personal trainers, tech geeks, and experienced coaches who have built a team of professionals to help develop a personalized program to bring you; a premier, results-driven, online training program with proven success.

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87% of failed dieters and fitness hopefuls say the #1 reason they could not stick to their plan was the lack of accountability. That is where we come in to help you become the best version of yourself! Lets do this together!